Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Cricket4ever 2005 awards

2005 is coming to a close and it is time to relook at the whole year and give some awards to those who really deserve it. Here is the Cricket4ever roll call – ladies and gentlemen. !!

Playing Truant all through the year : You guessed it right. No scope for argument here. The gold medal here goes to Dada.

Foot in the mouth champion : Who else but Kiran More. No need to explain why he is getting this.

Quote of the year : “Sourav is selected as all rounder and hence we decided not to select Zaheer”

Groundsman of the year : Prabir Mukherjee – for preparing a green top at Edens for the ODI against SA.

Newsmaker of the year : Well ! The honor goes to Sourav. Pages and pages of newspaper columns, blog after blog (even something as strange as 'I hate sourav ganguly.com'), hours of panelists pouring over for and against opinions and even figuring in corporate case studies of the firm run by Harsha.

Most sportive crowd in a cricket ground : You guessed it again. It is the Eden crowd that choose to cheer SA rather than India.

Master planners of the year : The BCCI brain wave that scheduled a Chennai ODI during rainy season and as if not to be outdone by this smart move, then shift the 3rd test venue to the 1st test venue so that falls right during hurricane season.

Most Consumer friendly : TNCA refusing to refund the money back to ticket holders who hardly saw a ball bowled for over 4+1 days.

Outsmarting rivals : The two rival groups in Delhi cricket associaton – one puncturing the sight screen tires and the other removing some useful screws from the Supper Sopper.

Reenact another sport in a cricket ground : This award goes to the rival factions of Himachal cricket association – for renacting world wide boxing championship, in picturesque Dhamasala.

Spring a surprise, when least expected : Emergence of Pondicherry cricket association, during BCCI election.

Leaving things ambiguous : This peculiar liking for grey color is a common trend thro’ the corridors of the erstwhile BCCI. The award is given for the splendid act of making the whole coaching staff of Indian team work for almost an year without a contract.

Maximizer : This award goes to Parhiv Patel. He hardly did a thing worth mentioning in domestic cricket and is currently down with viral fever but is still selected for the Pak tour (he kind of reenacted his World cup act of amazing a fortune without lifting a finger in a single match).

Swift justice : This award goes to the new powers of BCCI for sacking the 3 selectors who backed Sourav, seconds after taking over the power.

Most boring commentary team : The verbal diarrhea during the whole SL series is forcing me to give this award to entire TV commentary team.


Blogger Kishore said...

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2:29 AM  
Blogger Kishore said...

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Blogger Crick_Love said...

Sure Kishore. Will consider that, when I can get some time..thanks

8:31 AM  
Blogger Zainub said...

Seems like Ganguly has sweeped the awards , doesn't it? :)

12:56 PM  
Blogger Arjun Swarup said...

How about

Diplomat of the year- Rahul Dravid?

God knows how many potential bombshells the poor fellow has had to sidestep, in addition to captaining, and being the usually superb batsman he is.

1:23 PM  
Blogger Prabu said...

How about

Tragic Hero of the year (Dilip Kumar Awards) - Award goes to KKD Kartik - nominated for ICC awards, plays one match winning inning, doesn't do much wrong with his primary job, yet loses both first and second stumper positions

Villain of the year (Nambiar Award) - Greg Chappell / Rahul Dravid if the awards ceremony is held in West Bengal, SCG elsewhere

Cry Baby of the year (MV Rajamma Award) - SCG for his brilliant performance in Zimbabwe

Comeback kid of the year (Saif Ali Khan Award) - Parthiv Patel

Comeback "thatha" of the year (Amitabh Bachan / Rajni Award) - Aashish Kapoor

Anniyan award - Greg Chappell

Slow Mo Award - Sourav @ Bangalore after being bowled by Afridi

1:35 PM  
Blogger Southie_joker said...

Biased cricket lobby of the year...it is the cunning Southies including this Sriram guy..by attacking Ganguly continuosly to get their own man installed as India captain...

1:43 PM  
Blogger Southie_joker said...

Joker of the year-Kiran More
Madman of the year -Greg Chappell
'Yes'man of the year - Rahul Dravid

1:47 PM  
Blogger Vick said...

I think you should have clubbed all your awards and give them to Dada. Would have saved you lot more keystrokes.
Oh BTW where do you come from? Can i guess?

2:18 PM  
Blogger Southie_joker said...

Vick- Since you guys started by attacking Ganguly with dubious awards, you should be prepared to listen about some well-deserved awards to More/Chappell/RD as well. BTW How does I matter where I come from? Of course I am a southie .........

8:25 PM  
Blogger Prabu Girirajan said...

what about IT Man of the Year - Nopes not BOB WOOLMER, it is Ranbir Singh Mahendra, for his wonderful statement about the e-mail leak.
"I didn't check my email. It is still lying in my Delhi office"

8:43 PM  
Blogger Mythun said...

how about this:

Team Spirit Award: Chappell's India

Best Team mate of the year :
Andrew Flintoff (awarded by Shoaib Akhtar).

No doubt, Ganguly has won most awards. Afterall, who likes a guy who wants to stand up to a foreigner?

2:00 AM  
Blogger Crick_Love said...

Good Choices PRABU. The Mahindra one is really wonderful. I had missed that quote for sure.
Southie, Vick - the intent here is to convey what is fair in my opinion (repeat MY OPINION). Obviously, you have choice to differ with it but let me assure you - unlike all those wierd things you are imagining, I am neither biased nor obsessed with SG alone. If he comes back with a blazing 100 in say 100 balls aginst Akhthar and co., I will be the first one to praise it.

3:47 AM  
Blogger worma said...

Sriram: Appreciate all the jokes..but don't know how the Parthiv thing fits in?? Since most of us didn't watch the domestic games so we don't know how he did in the keeping department, but his batting(as known from scores and also from the situation in which he played) showed definite reason for picking him (if the keeping was in place).

5:13 AM  
Blogger Crick_Love said...

Worma: Sriram's blog is different. (I have his blog in the link). Coming to Parthiv. You are right. We did not get to watch his keeping in domestic cricket. But, look at his scores. There is not one eye catching knock (like the one hit by Dinesh Karthik the other day.). Here are Parthiv's scores - right from the beginning of the season :
Challenger : 53 (perhaps the best of the whole season) & 4*
Ranji : Did not play the 1st round.
2nd round against Mah 7,11 (both innigns came early in the order and got out promptly)
3rd round :against Railways 1 & 48.
4th round :against Delhi 7 & 22
5th round : down with viral fever.did not play..
IT is not that PARTHIV is scoring in Bradmansque fasion (not even Jafferisque fashion)...He has got one measly 50 and one 48...Perhaps More set the expectation straight.."he is good for 20 or 30 runs". Well !! you can not pick someone for just 20 or 30 runs. Even Kumble and Bhajji can hit that. KARHIK may have had a bad run upto the Mumbai match but potential wise he is way ahead of Parthiv and more important - all his nay sayers were stunned with the masterly century of his against Mumbai.

6:28 AM  
Blogger Prabu said...

The funny thing is, Patel has scored 96 runs in 6 innings so far and has been selected ahead of KKDK. KKDK must really being rueing the change of guard in the Indian team as it seems like he has become the "forgotten man".

Even in the challengers, KKDK's knock (along with one other guy) set up India A's win against India Seniors. Patel had a decent Duleep Trophy outing and so did KKDK.

Patel has been lucky in that he was part of the West Zone team which won the Duleep trophy and hence he was able to keep wickets for 6 innings compared to Karthik who only kept wickets for two completed innings.

IMO Karthik has been streets ahead of Patel and hopefully will fight to regain his place.

7:30 AM  
Blogger sai said...

yes indeed ganguly is a great player he scored a lot of runs for india.he want to give respect to the up coming stars of india.and want to leave the field respectly,now he is doing the right job by anoncing his retirement.GANGULY LEAVE IN THE HEARTS OF INDIAN PEOPLE UNTIL THE CRICKET IS THEIR GAME.

9:51 PM  
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